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挨拶, あいさつ
Takes suru, May take 'no'
1. greeting, greetings, salutation, salute, polite set phrase used when meeting or parting from somebody
2. polite set phrase used to express apology, sympathy, congratulations, etc.
3. speech (congratulatory or appreciative), address
4. reply, response
5. revenge, retaliation
挨拶語, あいさつ
words of greeting
挨拶文, あいさつぶん
greeting phrase (in letter, etc.), salutation
挨拶回り, 挨拶まわり, あいさつ回り, あいさつまわり
courtesy call, going around to say hello (or goodbye) to everybody, making the rounds
挨拶状, あいさつじょう
greeting card
挨拶代わり, 挨拶がわり, あいさつ代わり, あいさつがわり
substitute for a proper greeting (e.g. gift)
挨拶は抜きで, あいさつはぬきで
without compliments (greetings)
挨拶を交わす, あいさつをかわす
Expression, Godan verb, See 交わす・1
to exchange greetings
挨拶より円札, あいさつよりえんさつ
Expression, Proverb, Humorous term, pun on 挨拶 and 円札 both ending in さつ
money speaks louder than words, money is better than (empty) words, yen bills over salutations
挨拶は時の氏神, あいさつはときのうじがみ
Expression, See 時の氏神・ときのうじがみ, See 挨拶・9, Proverb
blessed are the peacemakers, one should appreciate and follow the advice of a mediator
ご挨拶, 御挨拶, ごあいさつ
1. greeting
Humorous term, used sarcastically as a response to a rude remark
2. a fine thing to say
年頭のあいさつ, 年頭の挨拶, ねんとうのあいさつ
New Year's greetings
時候の挨拶, 時候のあいさつ, じこうのあいさつ
seasonal greeting, conventional opening phrase in a letter, appropriate to the season
年頭挨拶, 年頭あいさつ, ねんとうあいさつ
See 年頭のあいさつ・ねんとうのあいさつ
New Year's greetings
ヒン, すす.める, うやま.う, あいさつ
entertain guests
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