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, せき
1. seat
2. location (of a gathering, etc.), place
3. position, post
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, 蓆, 莚, , むしろ, えん
1. woven mat (esp. one made of straw)
2. seat
1. at (place, time), in, on, during
2. to (direction, state), toward, into
3. for (purpose)
4. because of (reason), with
5. by, from
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お座り, 御座り, おすわり
Takes suru, Children's language
1. sit down, sit up
2. Sit! (to a dog)
ください, 下さい
Expression, Usually in kana, Honorific or respectful
1. please (give me)
after te-form of a verb or a noun prefixed with o- or go-
2. please (do for me)
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くださる, 下さる
Conjugated: 下さい
Godan verb, Honorific or respectful, Usually in kana
1. to give, to confer, to bestow
2. to kindly do for one, to oblige, to favour, to favor
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