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, 御,
Prefix, See 御・ご・1, Honorific or respectful, Polite, Humble, Usually in kana, usu. before a term with a kun-yomi reading; おん is more formal
honorific/polite/humble prefix
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1. tail (of an animal)
2. tail (of a kite, etc.), tail end
Astronomy term
3. tail (of a comet)
4. slope at the foot of a mountain
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1. cord, strap, thong
2. string (of a musical instrument, bow, etc.)
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oh! (expression of slight surprise)
Prefix, See 小川
1. small, narrow
See 小野
2. familiar prefix
See 小暗い
3. slightly, a bit
, 男, 夫, 牡,
Noun, used as a prefix, Noun, used as a suffix, See 雌・め・1
1. male
See 雄叫び
2. manly, brave, heroic
See 雄滝
3. larger (of the two), greater
4. man
5. husband
, , う, せ
Interjection, Archaism
yes, all right, OK, okay
, 苧, あさ,
1. cannabis (Cannabis sativa), hemp (plant)
2. hemp (fiber), linen, flax, jute
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ブルータスよ、お前もか, ブルータスよお前もか, ブルータスよおまえもか
Expression, quotation
et tu, Brute?, even you, Brutus?
大きに御世話御茶でも上がれ, 大きにお世話お茶でも上がれ, 大きに御世話、御茶でも上がれ, 大きにお世話、お茶でも上がれ, おおきにおせわおちゃでもあがれ
Expression, Humorous term, Archaism
mind your own business!, keep out of it!