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just, for good, once and for all (keeps on same state)
he went to america for good.
As much as; As fast as; To the extent of.
Have as much as you want.
on the contrary
on the contrary, the drink was bitter
に従って; に従い, にしたがって; にしたがい
following; in accordance with; as ~, accordingly; in proportion to
As our income increases, our expenditure increase accordingly.
Show a strong feeling of opposition.
I would much rather...
有り得る, ありうる
to be possible, to be likely
Do you think this is feasible?
通り, とおり
in that way
Didn't it turn out the way I said?
I am late because my alarm clock is broken
Vm, ~ difficult to
hard to understand
you should read it
no way to
no way to eat the soup
while doing A, I had a chance to do B, since doing A anyway, do B
while i was at my parents,
に先立って; に先立つ, にさきだって; にさきだつ
before; preceeding; prior to
Preceeding the showing, the performer will come onto the stage and greet everyone.
に基づいて, にもとづいて
based (up)on
This is a novel based on real life.
に伴って, にともなって
as; in proportion to; with
The number of problems related to the sale of pets has been increasing with the recent pet boom.
てしょうがない; てたまらない
Can't help but ~; Extremely ~; Very ~
Due to a lack of sleep, I can't help but be exhausted.
に対して, にたいして
toward; to; in contrast to; whereas; in regard to; in; per
Up until now, Japan has taken a closed policy toward foreign countries.
Since; Take the opportunity afforded by ~ to ~
Since I was moving, I also took the chance to buy new furniture.
a lot
Wow! You really have a lot of money in the bank.
結果, けっか
as a result of
as a result of consulting him, I decided
に依存, にいぞん, にいそん
depending on, relying on
depending on the maker
を込めて, をこめて
[Verb Phrase] with all your [Noun Phrase]
sing with all your heart
due to
due to construction, the train is late.
に相違ない, にそういない
Nobody argues; definitely; without a doubt
That's definitely the same color as the fabric.
から見ると, からみると
seen from the point of view
seen from a plane
There are times when
there are times when Father cooks dinner
Ab, seems (~そう)
seems fun
nothing else to do but...
nothing else to do but stay in bed
Express admiration/horror; eg, how +adjective, so+adjective
My son's room is so dirty, it's dreadful.
because, as expected (used for positive things)
the food was good as expected
just, only
he just drinks coffee
(1)Even; (2)Given, (Judging) From/By
(1) He can't even read hiragana.
There is no reason (as to) why ~; It is impossible (for) ~; cannot
There's no reason why you can't do such an easy job.
到底, とうてい
(can't) possibly / very much
I can't possibly do that.
since this is secret
absolutely not...
I am not going to give up
No sooner than; just as, at that instant
just as the doors opened they rushed in
を問わず, をとわず
regardless (of)
Regardless of age,.....
completely; until the end
Parents of children who have absolutely no interest in studying are completely at a loss.
Vpm, impossible to
I cant possibly get a Nobel prize
without thinking, despite myself
oops, i said too much!
以上, いじょう
Vru, since; now that; once; as long as
as long as you're here, we may as well have fun
rather, more than
cold rather than cool
as expected, after all, since, for
He studied hard and passed, as expected. He passed, for he studied hard.
thanks to
It's thanks to you that I received the promotion.
て以来, ていらい
since; ever since; from here on
Ever since graduation, I haven't met with any of my classmates.
in the middle of; not yet finished V-ing
I fell asleep while in the middle of reading the magazine.
surrounding, concerning, about [/ focusing on / in connection with]
There is much debate "concerning...etc" ......X
という風に, というふうに
in that way
hold it like this
得る, うる
able to do
All I can think of
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