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JLPT N3 Author: dc
passive verb ending
the water was drunk by the child
development of overseas mobile contents is entrusted to me.
Author: dc

What I wanted to do to him, he did to me instead.
Author: bamboo4

He was drawn in by the light.
Author: Sion

Lit: Without being told, I know that already!
Author: agnestan

This building was built two years ago.
Author: dc, Miki

After waiting for a long time, finally my name was called.
Author: bamboo4, viljami

Japanese is spoken in Japan.
Author: starsandsea

Sato was invited to the party by Tanaka.
Author: starsandsea

This song is known to everyone in Japan.
Author: starsandsea

The water was drunk by the child.
Author: dc, bamboo4

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