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JLPT N2 Author: dc
not only, but also starting with
not only french, but also german, spanish etc...
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The singer started with a recent hit, and then sang 25 other new songs.
Author: Amatuka

not only mobile phones, but all kinds of appliances, we intend to implement a flash interface on.
Author: dc, Miki

Today I am leaving the company, and I would like to thank not only the President, but everybody.
Author: dc

Starting with Mercedes, we sell (implied: other types of) imported cars.
Author: Miki, dc

The person Mr.yamahon who has succeed his difficult exam.so not only the parents the teachers also rejoicing him.
Author: sureshnihon

Commit the whole poem to memory.
Author: karekano

at today's celebration, not only the Prime Minister but also lots of politicians are here
Author: duck_duckone

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