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JLPT N3 Author: Amatuka
? (sentence ending particle - question) [F]
What is it you don't get?
See also
Why don't you have a girlfriend ? [M/F]
Author: Miki

"I just can't accept that!" "What? What is it that you can't accept ? "
Author: Amatuka

Ths shop is already closed, is it? It's still 4.
Author: Miki, bamboo4

I'm sorry, I have another engagement .[F]
Author: Miki

"What's wrong with you ?"[F] "Leave me alone for a while. It's none of your business."[F]
Author: Miki

"You mustn't go out now." "Why not ? "[F]
Author: Miki

I started a new practice last year .[F]
Author: Miki

"I'm on the road a lot, and my clients are complaining that they can never reach me." ."[F]
Author: Miki

"Now and then I think of divorcing him ." [F] "You must be kidding!" [M]
Author: Miki

"I think all fat people should go on a diet."[M/F] "Are you referring to me ?"[F]
Author: Miki

I thought you had to get up by 7:30 .[M/F]
Author: Miki

How many CDs do you have ?[M/F]
Author: Miki

I can't think of you as more than a friend .[F]
Author: Miki

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