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JLPT N2 Author: dc
Vm, -ing
even knowing I need exercise, I don't
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While eating, I also use the PC
Author: dc, bamboo4

Read the book while walking down the road.
Author: bamboo4

The situation is in the process of improvement.
Author: bamboo4

While stuffing my face with milk bread, I also reach for chocolate pie.
Author: maky

Last night, I met up with friend I hadn't seen in a while, and we talked together while drinking.
Author: rubyhatchet

In this report, I tried to analyze the results of the investigation while shedding some light on future issues.
Author: rubyhatchet

Even while knowing that a lack of physical activity is bad for my body, I don't have the time and can't exercise.
Author: rubyhatchet

Even while thinking that I have to hurry up and start preparing for the exam, I haven't yet started.
Author: rubyhatchet

Thinking I'd study kanji tonight, I ended up playing video games.
Author: aoiaki

While gazing at the beautiful mountain before me, I thought it was a pity that I have no talent for painting.
Author: rubyhatchet

Even while thinking that I have to reply to the letter I received, ten days have already passed.
Author: rubyhatchet

While continuing with the commercial marketing work I also worked in the music industry.
Author: dc

Even though I want to getup early, but still I`m in the bed.
Author: sureshnihon

It is said that the disease has been spreading.
Author: karekano

The Earth is gradually becoming warmer because of an increase in the greenhouse effect.
Author: karekano

He ordered another glass of beer, though he knew he shouldn`t.
Author: karekano

to stop while cool off
Author: belajar

Despite wanting to meet with the teacher, I avoided him.
Author: belajar

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