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JLPT N3 Author: tigert
easy to V
a beautiful woman is easy to fall in love with
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Its easy to play inside on rainy days.
Author: tigert

If you do things like read and write in Japanese every day, Japanese will become easy to understand.
Author: tigert

The stairs are wet. They are slippery (easy to slip), so please be careful.
Author: 赤毛

These shoes here are easier to put on than the ones over there.
Author: 赤毛

As this glass doll break easily, please don't touch.
Author: 赤毛

This question is easy to err.
Author: 赤毛

Do you think Tokyo is a place where it is easy to live?
Author: 赤毛

This pen is easy to write with, isn't it?
Author: 赤毛

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