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JLPT N3 Author: Amatuka
(on when) doing, if
after you see ...
If it's here then you can buy a television for 20,000 yen - give or take.
Author: Amatuka

After you see 'Romeo and Juliet' you will definitely cry
Author: Amatuka, dc

As soon as I left home, it began to rain.
Author: Amatuka

If i am able to pass level 3 of Nouryoku Shiken, next year i plan to participate in level 2.
Author: burakkuneko

When ( I ) get to Tachikawa station, I have to make a call.
Author: eitanbol

When it becomes winter (when winter comes)-it rains.
Author: eitanbol

If If it's raining, (I) can not come to the farewell party.
Author: burakkuneko

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