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JLPT N1 Author: dc
in sharp contrast with; compared to
The son, in stark contrast to his meticulous father, was slovenly.
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We harvested 50 tomatoes last year. In contrast, this year we harvested only 30. This may be due to the weather...
Author: dc

In contrast to my old car, his is really fast.
Author: d4

He is very intelligent in stark contrast to people of the same age
Author: amenya

The son, in contrast to his meticulous father, was slovenly.
Author: Boomeranger

While the quality of the education at this college is excellent, the quality of the campus facilities is inferior
Author: LR

Last month sales of foodstuffs expanded considerably, but in contrast, clothing sales dropped off
Author: LR

In France in the 16th century, the nobility ate extravagently while the common people ate very poorly.
Author: LR

In sharp contrast to his last work, this latest piece is a superb accomplishment
Author: LR

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