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JLPT N2 Author: dc
as soon as; depending on
As soon as i get to India, I will call you.
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As soon as I hear the result
Author: dc

I will not forgive you depending upon the circumstances.
Author: bamboo4

The financial success of beer-gardens is at the mercy of the weather.
Author: dc

The popularity of a Web site depends on its content.
Author: dc

We shall leave for home as soon as it stops raining.
Author: dc

On my arrival at the station, I will call you.
Author: dc

The sound became fainter and fainter, till at last it disappeared.
Author: dc

My work prospects really depend on whether my mum can look after my baby.
Author: anna.kendall

Buy up all available land.
Author: karekano

It all depends on how you handle this.
Author: karekano

It depends on you whether we go or not.
Author: karekano

Promotion is dependent on ability.
Author: karekano

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