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JLPT N2 Author: dc
center on, in the middle of
the center of our discussion
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Let's make this matter the central topic of the discussion at today's meeting,
Author: dc, bamboo4

Centered around the station there are many stores.
Author: dc

Let's make China the center of our overseas expansion plan discussion
Author: dc

Centered around this region, three separate mountain ranges extend towards north-east of Honshu, and two separate mountain ranges extend to the south-western part of Honshu
Author: kankun, bamboo4

Everything in that house revolved upon Aunt Mary.
Author: dbx

Nobody can deny the fact the world economy revolves around the American economy.
Author: dbx

Talks centering on nuclear disarmament.
Author: dbx

In the morning used to study grammar, In the middle of after noon studying conversation as well.
Author: sureshnihon

My interests are centered on my family.
Author: karekano

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