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JLPT N1 Author: dc
tend to
he tends to be late
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My boss is short-tempered and tends to get angry easily .
Author: Amatuka, Miki

Depending on the likes and dislikes of the person in charge it is also easy for mis-understandings to occur.
Author: Amatuka, bamboo4

mainly cloudy
Author: dc

tends to be reserved
Author: dc

The rich are apt to look down upon the poor.
Author: Miki

The students are apt to make the same mistakes.
Author: Miki

We tend to forget that exercise is a key to good health.
Author: Miki, bamboo4

Fruits tend to decay soon.
Author: Miki

We are apt to watch television, irrespective of what program is on.
Author: Miki

When you lack sleep, you are apt to be careless.
Author: Miki

She is in poor health so she looks pale.
Author: angelitosh2004

The skies are mostly cloudy everyday now that winter has come.
Author: angelitosh2004

He is often absent from class so he is apt to be behind the others.
Author: angelitosh2004

I tended to get sick when I was a child.
Author: hana

He's been taking leave from work lately.
Author: agnestan

That cake looks so yummy... It's a pity, but I tend to put on weight easily, so....
Author: agnestan

Yesterday,i went to visit sickly aunt.
Author: sureshnihon

Her novels tend to dullness (be dull).
Author: karekano

He tends to laziness.
Author: karekano

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