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たり する form
tari suru form
JLPT N3 Author: dc
V stem+たり
doing things like V+ing
Yesterday I did things like watching tv and playing video games.
Vたり、 Vたり します。
See also
We did things like drinking, eating and dancing at the party.
Author: Naino

Sometimes we are praised and sometimes scolded by our teachers.
Author: Naino

In summer I do things like mountain climbing.
Author: Naino

Sometimes I drink coffee in the morning and sometimes I don't.
Author: Naino

Sometimes Mt.Fuji can be seen and sometimes it can't be seen, depending on the weather.
Author: Naino

On Fridays, Mr.Kimura sometimes comes and sometimes he doesn't.
Author: Naino

The wrapping paper at that store is sometimes red, sometimes white and sometimes blue.
Author: Naino

The data in this report is sometimes correct and sometimes not (correct).
Author: Naino

We drank, ate, sung, danced - we generally had one big fun time!
Author: bamboo4

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