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Noun (futsuumeishi)
See also: 伊弉冉尊
Izanagi, male deity who fathered Japan and the sun, moon, and storm godsIzanagi-no-mikoto (Urgott; Bruder der Izanami-no-mikoto und Vater der Amaterasu, des Tsuki-Yomi, des Susano-o, des Hi-no-Kagu-Tsuchi, des O-Yama-Tsu-Mi, des Kana-Yama-Biko, der Kana-Yama-Hime, der Hani-Yasu-Hime, der Mizuha-no-me und des Kagu-Tsuchi)

ON: KUN: かれ
Italy, that one

ON: ジョウ, ソウKUN: さかん
large, powerful, stout, thick

ON: ダク
consent, assent, agreement

ON: ソンKUN: たっと.い, とうと.い, たっと.ぶ, とうと.ぶ
revered, valuable, precious, noble, exalted

ON: KUN: かれ
Italy, that one

ON: ジャKUN: よこし.ま
wicked, injustice, wrong

ON: ナ, ダKUN: なに, なんぞ, いかん

ON: キ, ギ
branch off, fork in road, scene, arena, theater

ON: メイ, ミョウKUN: いのち
fate, command, decree, destiny, life, appoint

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