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Godan verb with 'ku' ending
to encourage to do (something), to urge a person on, to demand action

to spank, to give a spanking, to hit someone on the bottom, to beat someone's backside
ON: コウKUN: しり
buttocks, hips, butt, rear

ON: コウKUN: しり
buttocks, hips, butt, rear

ON: コウKUN: たた.く, はた.く, すぎ
strike, beat, hit, thrash, criticize

Conjugated forms
Example sentences
佐藤さんは息子の尻をたたいて勉強させた。Parts: さん, 息子 (むすこ), 尻を叩く (しりをたたく), 勉強 (べんきょう), 為せる (させる)Mme Sato poussait son fils à travailler dur.
Mrs. Sato pushed her son to study hard.

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