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Noun (futsuumeishi)
NA-adjective/adjectival noun (keiyodoshi)
in perfect form, going swimminglyHochform, bestmögliche Form

ON: ゼツKUN: た.える, た.やす, た.つ
discontinue, beyond, sever, cut off, abstain, interrupt, suppress

ON: コウKUN: この.む, す.く, よ.い, い.い
fond, pleasing, like something

調ON: チョウKUN: しら.べる, しら.べ, ととの.う, ととの.える
tune, tone, meter, key (music), writing style, prepare, exorcise, investigate

Example sentences
「調子はどう?」「絶好調だよ。着実に増収増益を続けているよ」Parts: 調子 (ちょうし), 如何 (どう), 絶好調 (ぜっこうちょう), 着実 (ちゃくじつ), 増収増益 (ぞうしゅうぞうえき), 続ける (つづける)"How are things going?" "Terrific. Income and profit are continuing to rise steadily."

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