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Godan verb with 'ru' ending
Usually written using kana alone
to make out with, to make cozy with (cosy)

to do at one's own discretion
ON: KUN: よろ.しい, よろ.しく
best regards, good

Conjugated forms
Example sentences
買い物の割に遅かったな。どこぞでよろしくやっていたのか?Parts: 買い物 (かいもの), 割に (わりに), 遅い (おそい), 何処ぞ (どこぞ), 宜しくやる (よろしくやる)Tu es un peu trop en retard pour être seulement allée faire du shopping. Est-ce que tu es sortie quelque part ?
You're pretty late to have just gone shopping. Have you been making out someplace?

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