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Out-dated or obsolete kana usage
I-adjective (keiyoushi)
丸い usu. refers to ball-shaped, and 円い to disc-shaped objects
round, circular, sphericalcirculaire, rond, sphérique

See also: 丸く収まる
harmonious, calmкруглыйrund, kugelrund, kreisförmig, zirkular, kugelförmig, sphärisch, ohne Kanten, geschwungen, voll, ruhig, friedlich, harmonisch, nicht widerspenstig

ON: ガンKUN: まる, まる.める, まる.い
round, seduce, curl up, roll up, make round, pills, -ship, perfection, full (month), explain away

ON: エンKUN: まる.い, まる, まど, まど.か, まろ.やか
circle, yen, round

Conjugated forms
Example sentences
彼が仲裁してその場は丸く収めた。Parts: (かれ), 仲裁 (ちゅうさい), その場 (そのば), 丸い (まるい), 収める (おさめる)He intervened and settled the matter peacefully for the time being.

コロンブスは地球が丸いと信じていた。Parts: 地球 (ちきゅう), 丸い (まるい), 信じる (しんじる)Christophe Colomb croyait que la terre était ronde.
Columbus believed that the Earth was round.

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