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Temporal noun (jisoumeishi)
during the night, at nightdie ganze Nacht

ON: KUN: よ, よる
night, evening

ON: チュウKUN: なか, うち, あた.る
in, inside, middle, mean, center

Example sentences
私は夜中に3度目が覚めた。Parts: (わたし), 夜中 (よなか), 三度 (さんど), 目が覚める (めがさめる)I awoke three times in the night.
I woke up three times during the night.

その晩と次の日とその夜中ずっと地下室で過ごしたのよ。Parts: 其の (その), (ばん), (つぎ), (ひ), 其の (その), 夜中 (やちゅう), ずっと (ずーっと), 地下室 (ちかしつ), 過ごす (すごす)We spent all of that night, the next day, and the next night in the cellar.

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