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Godan verb with 'mu' ending
Transitive verb
to glare at, to scowl at, to glower atfixer, garder un œil sur, menacer du regard, regarder fixement

to stare intensely at, to examine carefully
to estimate, to guess, to suspect, to judge
See also: 睨まれる
often as 睨まれる
to keep an eye on someone (e.g. a suspicious or untrustworthy person), to watch

to take account of, to take into considerationscharf ansehen, anstarren, hinstarren, im Auge behalten, verdächtigen, für etw. ansehen, abschätzen
ON: ゲイKUN: にら.む, にら.み
glaring at, authority, power, scowl at

Conjugated forms
Example sentences
彼はにくらしげに彼女をにらんだ。Parts: (かれ), 憎らしい (にくらしい), 彼女 (かのじょ), 睨む (にらむ)He stared at her with hatred.

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