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Ateji (phonetic) reading

Ateji (phonetic) reading

Ateji (phonetic) reading
Interjection (kandoushi)
Usually written using kana alone
also written as 於乎, 於戯, 嗟乎, 嗟夫, 吁, etc.
Ah!, Oh!, Alas!

Usually written using kana alone
Yes, Indeed, That is correct

Usually written using kana alone
Hey!, Yo!

Usually written using kana alone
Uh huh, Yeah yeah, Right, GotchaА!ach!, ah!, o!, oh! (als Ausdruck der Emotion und Klage), ach, entschuldigen Sie!, ach, hallo! (als direkte Anrede), (als Antwort auf eine Entscheidungsfrage) ja, (bzw.) nein (als Antwort auf eine verneinte Frage)

ON: ウ, オKUN: ああ
weep, ah, alas

ON: KUN: よ.ぶ
call, call out to, invite

ON: イ, アイ, オクKUN: ああ, おくび
exclamation, burp, belch

ON: サ, シャKUN: あ, ああ, なげ.く
be satisfied, grieve, ah

Example sentences
彼女に疲れているのかと聞かれて彼は「ああ」といった。Parts: 彼女 (かのじょ), 疲れる (つかれる), 聞く (きく), (かれ), 嗚呼 (ああ), 言う (いう)Quand elle lui a demandé s'il était fatigué, il a répondu oui.
He said, "yeah" when she asked if he was tired.

ああ飛行機が離陸する。Parts: 嗚呼 (ああ), 飛行機 (ひこうき), 離陸 (りりく)Look! There's a plane taking off.

ああ悲しい。Parts: 嗚呼 (ああ), 悲しい (かなしい)Ah, me!

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