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Noun (futsuumeishi)
noun or participle which takes the aux. verb suru
compatibility, coexistence, standing togethercapaciter à coexister, compatibilité, mener de front, poursuite conjointe (p.e. études et travail)Koexistenz, Nebeneinanderbestehen, gleichzeitiges Vorhandensein, Kompatibilität

ON: リョウKUN: てる, ふたつ
both, old Japanese coin, counter for carriages (e.g., in a train), two

ON: リツ, リュウ, リットルKUN: た.つ, -だ.て, -た.て, たて-, た.て-, -た.てる, た.てる, た.ち-, -た.つ, -だ.てる
stand up, rise, set up, erect

Example sentences
健康は節制と両立する。Parts: 健康 (けんこう), 節制 (せっせい), 両立 (りょうりつ)Health coexists with temperance.

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