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Ichidan verb
Transitive verb
also written as 起てる
to stand up, to put up, to set up, to erect, to raiseélever, ériger, dresser

to thrust into, to bury into, to dig into
to make (a noise), to start (a rumour), to raise (a cloud of dust, etc.), to cause
to make, to establish, to set up, to develop, to formulate
to put up (a political candidate), to make (one's leader)
to treat with respect, to give (someone) their due, to make (someone) look good, to avoid embarrassing (someone)
to sharpen, to make clear
See also: 閉てる
to shut, to close

See also: 点てる
to make tea (macha), to perform the tea ceremony

to divide by
Ichidan verb
after the -masu stem of a verb
to do ... vigorouslyaufstellen, errichten, aufrichten, zusammenstellen, gründen, stiften, ins Leben rufen, entwerfen, konzipieren, emporkommen, es weit bringen, große Dienste leisten, verbreiten, in Umlauf bringen

ON: リツ, リュウ, リットルKUN: た.つ, -だ.て, -た.て, たて-, た.て-, -た.てる, た.てる, た.ち-, -た.つ, -だ.てる
stand up, rise, set up, erect

Conjugated forms
Example sentences
彼は綿密に立てた計画を実行に移した。Parts: (かれ), 綿密 (めんみつ), 立てる (たてる), 計画 (けいかく), 実行に移す (じっこうにうつす)He carried out the plan he had made in detail.
Er setzte den Plan, den er sorgfältig aufgestellt hatte, in die Tat um.

彼は怒るとよく大声をたてる。Parts: (かれ), 怒る (おこる), 良く (よく), 大声 (おおごえ), 立てる (たてる)Il peut parfaitement élever la voix quand il est en colère.
He is liable to shout when angry.

猫が私の手につめを立てた。Parts: (ねこ), (わたし), (て), (つめ), 立てる (たてる)The cat dug its claws into my hand.

その犬はその音を聞いて耳をピンと立てた。Parts: 其の (その), (いぬ), 其の (その), (おと), 聞く (きく), (みみ), ピン, 立てる (たてる)The dog pricked up his ears at the sound.

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