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Godan verb with 'su' ending
Transitive verb
See also: 身を翻す
to turn over, to turn aroundagiter, brandir, changer (d'avis), faire flotter (un drapeau), faire voltiger, revenir sur ses paroles, se rétracter

to change (one's mind), to reverse (one's decision), to take back (one's words)
to fly (flag, etc.), to wave (skirt, cape, etc.)umdrehen, (etw.) umkehren, (Fahne) flattern lassen, (seine Meinung) ändern, es sich anders überlegen, sich umdrehen, umschwenken
ON: ホン, ハンKUN: ひるがえ.る, ひるがえ.す
flip, turn over, wave, flutter, change (mind)

ON: ハン, ホンKUN: ひるがえ.す, ひるがえ.る
flip over, upset, capsize

Conjugated forms
Example sentences
組合員たちは反旗をひるがえした。Parts: 組合 (くみあい), (いん), (たち), 反旗 (はんき), 翻す (ひるがえす)The union members were up in arms.

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