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NA-adjective/adjectival noun (keiyodoshi)
genuine, real, regular, normal, typical, standard, orthodoxsérieux

full-scale, full-blown, all-outauthentique
full-fledged, professionalnormal, standard, typiqueregelrecht, ernstlich, ernsthaft, gründlich, ordentlich, richtig, echt, ernst, genuin
ON: ホンKUN: もと
book, present, main, origin, true, real, counter for long cylindrical things

ON: カク, コウ, キャク, ゴウ
status, rank, capacity, character, case (law, grammar)

ON: テキKUN: まと
bull's eye, mark, target, object, adjective ending

Example sentences
超大国が激しい国境紛争を解決するために本格的に交渉した。Parts: 超大国 (ちょうたいこく), 激しい (はげしい), 国境 (こっきょう), 紛争 (ふんそう), 解決 (かいけつ), 為に (ために), 本格的 (ほんかくてき), 交渉 (こうしょう)The superpowers negotiated in earnest for the settlement of the intense conflict.

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