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Noun (futsuumeishi)
noun or participle which takes the aux. verb suru
May take the particle 'no'
restoration, restitution, rehabilitationrétablissement, reconstruction, restaurationWiederherstellung, Restauration

ON: フクKUN: また
restore, return to, revert, resume

ON: キュウKUN: ふる.い, もと
old times, old things, old friend, former, ex-

Example sentences
現在、通常のサービスの早急な復旧に努めています。Parts: 現在 (げんざい), 通常 (つうじょう), サービス (サーヴィス), 早急 (さっきゅう), 復旧 (ふっきゅう), 勤める (つとめる)We are currently working to restore normal service as soon as possible.
Wir bemühen uns derzeit, den normalen Service möglichst schnell wiederherzustellen.

Community comments
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Please refer to the verb in the first sample sentence. The verb in the sample sentence and the verd in the parts are different.
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