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Godan verb with 'u' ending
intransitive verb
See also: 踊る
to dance (orig. a whirling dance)danser, flotter (vent), tournoyer, voltiger

to flutter about, to revolvetanzen, flattern, fliegen, kreisen, sich drehen
ON: KUN: ま.う, -ま.う, まい
dance, flit, circle, wheel

Conjugated forms
Example sentences
ヒラヒラと桜の花が舞っている。もうお花見の季節も終わりだな。Parts: ひらひら (ヒラヒラ), (さくら), (はな), 舞う (まう), もう, お花見 (おはなみ), 季節 (きせつ), 終わる (おわる)It looks like cherry blossom-viewing season is at an end. You can see the petals fluttering down.

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