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Godan verb with 'ru' ending
intransitive verb
to get cloudy, to cloud over, to become overcastse couvrir/s'obscurcir

to cloud up, to fog up, to mist up, to become dim
to be gloomy, to be clouded (expression), to be downcast
See also: 照る, てる, 2
from 面曇る
to look slightly downward (of a noh mask; indicating sadness, grief, etc.)быть о́блачнымsich bewölken, wolkig werden, bewölkt werden, sich trüben, sich verfinstern, trübe werden, finster werden

ON: ドンKUN: くも.る
cloudy weather, cloud up

Conjugated forms
Example sentences
蒸気でめがねが曇ってしまった。Parts: 蒸気 (じょうき), 眼鏡 (めがね), 曇る (くもる), 仕舞う (しまう)The steam has fogged my glasses.

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