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Noun (futsuumeishi)
May take the particle 'no'
NA-adjective/adjectival noun (keiyodoshi)
triumph, prosperityfierté, orgeuil

one's strong point, one's forte, one's specialty
frequent customer (client, etc.)Stolz, Hochmut, Glück, Erfolg, starke Seite, Stärke, Geschicklichkeit, (als Meishi), Zufriedenheit, Kunde, Kundschaft
ON: トクKUN: え.る, う.る
gain, advantage, profit, able to, may, can, acquire, earn, find, get, benefit

idea, mind, heart, taste, thought, desire, care, liking

Example sentences
彼は彼の洞察力を得意に思っている。Parts: (かれ), (かれ), 洞察力 (どうさつりょく), 得意 (とくい), 思う (おもう)He congratulates himself on his foresight.

あなたは数学が得意ですか。Parts: 貴方 (あなた), 数学 (すうがく), 得意 (とくい), ですかEs-tu bon en mathématiques ?
Are you good at mathematics?
Bist du gut in Mathematik?

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