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Godan verb with 'su' ending
Transitive verb
to move, to shift, to operate, to set in motion, to mobilize, to mobilisedécaler, déplacer, secouer

to inspire, to rouse, to move (e.g. feeling), to influencemettre en mouvement
to deny, to changeactionner, modifier, influencer, entraîner, mobiliser, secouerbewegen, rühren, regen, rücken, verrücken, in Betrieb nehmen, in Gang setzen, in Bewegung setzen, verändern, beeinflussen, bedienen, erschüttern, rütteln, versetzen, transferieren
ON: ドウKUN: うご.く, うご.かす
move, motion, change, confusion, shift, shake

Conjugated forms
Example sentences
音楽は気持ちを動かします。Parts: 音楽 (おんがく), 気持ち (きもち), 動かす (うごかす)Music moves the feelings.

ここからあそこへこの石を動かして下さい。Parts: 此処 (ここ), から, 彼処 (あそこ), 此の (この), (いし), 動かす (うごかす), 下さい (ください)Déplacez cette pierre d'ici à là, s'il vous plaît.
Please move this stone from here to there.

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