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Noun (futsuumeishi)
aim, object, purpose, endattentes, but, espoirs, fins, sûr (mérite la confiance)

expectations, prospects, hopes
something that can be relied upon
Dialect: Kansai-ben
snack served with alcoholic drink

Noun, used as a suffix
pad, guard

Noun, used as a suffix
Noun, used as a prefix
blow, strike

Meaning restricted to 宛
Meaning restricted to 宛て
addressed to

Usually written using kana alone
also written as 充て
perZiel, Richtung, Erwartung, Vertrauen, Zuversicht, Anhaltspunkt, Spur, Adresse, Schutz, Polster

ON: トウKUN: あ.たる, あ.たり, あ.てる, あ.て, まさ.に, まさ.にべし
hit, right, appropriate, himself

ON: エンKUN: あ.てる, -あて, -づつ, あたか.も
address, just like, fortunately

ON: エンKUN: あ.てる, -あて, -づつ, あたか.も
address, just like, fortunately

Example sentences
ここにあなたあての手紙が何通かあります。Parts: 此処 (ここ), 貴方 (あなた), 宛て (あて), 手紙 (てがみ), (なに), (つう), 有る (ある)Voici quelques lettres pour vous.
Here are some letters for you.

あの人達の助力はあてにできないよ。Parts: 彼の (あの), 人達 (ひとたち), 助力 (じょりょく), 当て (あて), 出来る (できる)You can't count on their help.

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