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Godan verb with 'su' ending
Transitive verb
to rollfaire rouler, renverser, rouler

to turn over, to tip over, to throw down
to leave
to buy and sell (quickly for a profit)rollen, ins Rollen bringen, wälzen, über den Haufen werfen, umstürzen, umwerfen, umkippen
ON: テンKUN: ころ.がる, ころ.げる, ころ.がす, ころ.ぶ, まろ.ぶ, うたた, うつ.る, くる.めく
revolve, turn around, change

Conjugated forms
Example sentences
子供たちが大きな雪の玉を転がしていた。Parts: 子供たち (こどもたち), 大きな (おおきな), (ゆき), (たま), 転がす (ころがす)The children were rolling a big snowball.
Die Kinder rollten einen großen Schneeball.

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