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Ichidan verb
Transitive verb
to find outaufstöbern, ausfindig machen, durch Suchen und Mühe finden

ON: タンKUN: さぐ.る, さが.す
grope, search, look for

ON: トウKUN: あ.たる, あ.たり, あ.てる, あ.て, まさ.に, まさ.にべし
hit, right, appropriate, himself

Conjugated forms
Example sentences
鉦や太鼓で探しあてた割には、あいつ期待はずれだったよな。Parts: (かね), (さ), 太鼓 (たいこ), 探り当てる (さぐりあてる), 割に (わりに), 彼奴 (あいつ), 期待 (きたい), 外れ (はずれ)He turned out to be a real disappointment after we went through hell and high water to find him.

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