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Godan verb with 'ku' ending
Transitive verb
to strike, to clap, to knock, to dust, to beatbattre, frapper, taper

Meaning restricted to たたく
to play drums

Meaning restricted to たたく
to abuse, to flame (e.g. on the Internet), to insult

Meaning restricted to はたく
to use up money

Meaning restricted to たたく
Computer terminology
to call, to invoke (e.g. a function)schlagen, hauen, klopfen, pochen, heruntermachen (z.B. in der Zeitung)

ON: コウKUN: たた.く, はた.く, すぎ
strike, beat, hit, thrash, criticize

ON: コウKUN: たた.く
strike, beat, hit

Conjugated forms
Example sentences
新聞は一斉にその政治家をたたきはじめた。Parts: 新聞 (しんぶん), 一斉に (いっせいに), 其の (その), 政治家 (せいじか), 叩く (たたく), 始める (はじめる)The newspapers opened fire on the politician.

ありったけの貯金をはたいてこれを買った。Parts: 有りっ丈 (ありったけ), 貯金 (ちょきん), 叩く (たたく), 此れ (これ), 買う (かう)I spent all the savings I had on this.

1人の醜い男が私の家の戸をたたいた。Parts: 一人 (ひとり), 醜い (みにくい), (おとこ), (わたし), (いえ), (と), 叩く (たたく)Un homme laid frappa à ma porte.
An ugly man knocked on my door.

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