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Godan verb with 'ku' ending
intransitive verb
to continue, to last, to go onse continuer, se prolonger, se pursuivre

to continue (without a break), to be unbroken
to occur again and again
to lead to, to connect to, to adjoin
to come after, to follow, to succeed, to rank next to
to hold out, to keep, to lastпродолжа́ться, дли́тьсяdauern, andauern, fortdauern, währen, anhalten, folgen, weiterführen, sich erstrecken
ON: ゾク, ショク, コウ, キョウKUN: つづ.く, つづ.ける, つぐ.ない
continue, series, sequel

Conjugated forms
Example sentences
延々と続く車の列があった。Parts: 延々 (えんえん), 続く (つづく), (くるま), (れつ), 有る (ある)There was a continuous line of cars.

ホテルに続く道は狭い。Parts: ホテル, 続く (つづく), (みち), 狭い (せまい)The road which leads to the hotel is narrow.

どれくらいこの寒い天気は続きますか。Parts: 何れくらい (どれくらい), 此の (この), 寒い (さむい), 天気 (てんき), 続く (つづく)How long will this cold weather last?

このところ飛行機事故が続く。Parts: 此の (この), (ところ), 飛行機 (ひこうき), 事故 (じこ), 続く (つづく)There have been a lot of airplane accidents recently.

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