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Ateji (phonetic) reading
Godan verb with 'u' ending
intransitive verb
to build (a nest), to nest

to haunt (a place), to hang out (somewhere)nisten, ein Nest bauen, sich einnisten, seinen Unterschlupf haben, heimsuchen
ON: ソウKUN: す, す.くう
nest, rookery, hive, cobweb, den

ON: ショク, ジキKUN: く.う, く.らう, た.べる, は.む
eat, food

ON: ソウKUN: す, す.くう
nest, rookery, hive, cobweb, den

Conjugated forms
Example sentences
嫉妬心くらい強く人間の心情に巣食う情熱はない。Parts: 嫉妬心 (しっとしん), (くらい), 強い (つよい), 人間 (にんげん), 心情 (しんじょう), 巣食う (すくう), 情熱 (じょうねつ), 無い (ない)There is not a passion so strongly rooted in the human heart as envy.

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