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suru verb - special class
intransitive verb
to touch, to come in contact with, to border on, to adjoin, to be adjacent, to be closeentrer en contact, toucher

to receive (e.g. visitor), to attend to, to serve, to take care of, to look after, to deal with, to see
to receive (news), to get, to hear
to encounter, to come across
Mathematics term
to be tangent to

suru verb - special class
Transitive verb
to make touch, to bring into contact with, to bring adjacent to, to bring close, to connectberühren, in Berührung kommen, grenzen an, anstoßen an, bekommen, erfahren, empfangen, behandeln, bedienen, erleben

ON: セツ, ショウKUN: つ.ぐ
touch, contact, adjoin, piece together

Conjugated forms
Example sentences
もっと思いやりをもって接してやらないといけませんよ。Parts: もっと, 思いやり (おもいやり), 持つ (もつ), 接する (せっする), 遣る (やる), ないと行けない (ないといけない)You must treat them with more consideration.

このような接し方の変化は、他の変化もそうであるが、他の国においても起こっている。Parts: この様 (このよう), 接する (せっする), (かた), 変化 (へんか), (ほか), 変化 (へんか), 然う (そう), である, (ほか), (くに), に於いて (において), 起こる (おこる)Like other changes, this change in attitude has occurred in other countries, too.

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