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Godan verb with 'ru' ending
Transitive verb
to hunt (e.g. animals), to go looking for (e.g. flowers, etc.), to gather (e.g. mushrooms), to pick (e.g. fruit)chercher, pourchasser, poursuivreохо́титьсяjagen

ON: シュKUN: か.る, か.り, -が.り
hunt, raid, gather

ON: リョウ, レフKUN: かり, か.る
game-hunting, shooting, game, bag

Conjugated forms
Example sentences
世界で、鹿やムースやキジといった野性獣を狩ることは違法とする国が多い。Parts: 世界 (せかい), 鹿 (しか), (さ), ムース, (さ), (きじ), 言う (いう), 野性 (やせい), (けだもの), 狩る (かる), (こと), 違法 (いほう), とする, (くに), 多い (おおい)In many parts of the world it is illegal to shoot wild game such as deer, moose or pheasant.

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