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Ichidan verb
intransitive verb
to be clear (of a sight, sound, colour, etc.), to be bright, to be vivid, to be crispêtre adroit, être clair, être froid, clairement (visible ou audible)

to be clear-headed, to be alert, to be on the ball, to be wide awake
often as 冴えない
to look upbeat, to be perky, to be cheerful

to master (a skill), to excel at, to cleanly execute
See also: 冴えない, 2
often as 冴えない
to be satisfying

original meaning; now somewhat old-fashioned
to become frigid, to become intensely coldklar sein, hell sein, kalt sein, frostig sein

ON: ゴ, コKUN: さ.える, こお.る, ひ.える
be clear, serene, cold, skilful

ON: ゴ, コKUN: さ.える, こお.る, ひ.える
freeze, be cold, be clear, attain skill

Conjugated forms
Example sentences
そのパフォーマンスは冴えないものでしたよ。Parts: 其の (その), パフォーマンス (パーフォーマンス), 冴える (さえる), (もの)The performance was low-keyed.

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