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Noun (futsuumeishi)
May take the particle 'no'
active duty, active serviceservice actif

See also: 浪人, ろうにん, 3
often as 現役で
student who passed their university entrance exams on the first try, student taking (university) entrance exams while still enrolled in schoolaktiver Dienst

ON: ゲンKUN: あらわ.れる, あらわ.す, うつつ, うつ.つ
present, existing, actual

ON: ヤク, エキ
duty, war, campaign, drafted labor, office, service, role

Example sentences
現役から引退した人は足が遠のくものだ。Parts: 現役 (げんえき), から, 引退 (いんたい), (ひと), (あし), 遠退く (とおのく), (もの)People rarely come to see you once you are retired.

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