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Noun (futsuumeishi)
noun or participle which takes the aux. verb suru
May take the particle 'no'
moving at high speedtrain express

See also: 急行列車
express (e.g. train that bypasses many stations)скорый поездEile, Hast, Eilzug, D-Zug, Schnellzug (Abk. für kyūkōressha 急行列車)

ON: キュウKUN: いそ.ぐ, いそ.ぎ
hurry, emergency, sudden, steep

ON: コウ, ギョウ, アンKUN: い.く, ゆ.く, -ゆ.き, -ゆき, -い.き, -いき, おこな.う, おこ.なう
going, journey, carry out, conduct, act, line, row, bank

Example sentences
彼らは事故の現場へ急行した。Parts: 彼ら (かれら), 事故 (じこ), 現場 (げんば), 急行 (きゅうこう)They made for the scene of the accident.
They hurried to the scene of the accident.

急行の料金は幾らですか。Parts: 急行 (きゅうこう), 料金 (りょうきん), 幾ら (いくら), ですかCombien pour l'express ?
How much is the express?
Wie viel kostet ein Ticket für den Expresszug?

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