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Godan verb with 'ku' ending
Transitive verb
to untie, to unfasten, to unwrap, to undo, to unbind, to unpackdénouer, résoudre

to unsew, to unstitch
to solve, to work out, to answer
to dispel (misunderstanding, etc.), to clear up, to remove (suspicion), to appease
to dissolve (a contract), to cancel, to remove (a prohibition), to lift (a ban), to raise (a siege)
to release (from duty), to relieve, to dismiss
See also: 梳く, すく
to comb (out), to card, to untangle (hair)auflösen, aufknoten, aufschnüren, aufmachen, auftrennen (einen Knoten etc.), entlassen (aus einer Pflicht), befreien (von Fesseln), auflösen (in einer Flüssigkeit), lösen, schmelzen, beantworten, aufklären

ON: カイ, ゲKUN: と.く, と.かす, と.ける, ほど.く, ほど.ける, わか.る, さと.る
unravel, explain, absolve, cancel, answer, solve, undo, untie, understanding, explanation, key, notes, minute

Conjugated forms
Example sentences
彼女は髪をくしでといてリボンで結んだ。Parts: 彼女 (かのじょ), (かみ), (くし), 解く (とく), リボン, 結ぶ (むすぶ)She combed her hair and bound it with a ribbon.

彼は重責を解かれた。Parts: (かれ), 重責 (じゅうせき), 解く (とく)He was relieved of his heavy responsibility.

外出する前に髪を櫛でときなさい。Parts: 外出 (がいしゅつ), (まえ), (かみ), (くし), 解く (とく), なさいComb your hair before you go out.
Перед выходом из дома расчеши волосы.

これらの包みをほどくのを手伝って下さい。Parts: 此れ等 (これら), 包み (つつみ), 解く (ほどく), 手伝う (てつだう), 下さい (ください)Lend a hand with these parcels, please.

この医師はガンの多くの不可解な点を解こうと努力している。Parts: 此の (この), 医師 (いし), (がん), 多く (おおく), 不可解 (ふかかい), (てん), 解く (とく), 努力 (どりょく)The doctor is trying to solve many of the riddles of cancer.

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