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Meaning restricted to 歌
Meaning restricted to 唄
Noun (futsuumeishi)
唄 is primarily used for shamisen songs
songchanson, poème

Meaning restricted to 歌
See also: 短歌
classical Japanese poetry (esp. tanka)

Meaning restricted to 歌
Meaning restricted to 詩
modern poetryпесняLied, Gesang, Ballade, Gedicht, Poesie, Waka, Tanka, Volkslied, Schlager

ON: KUN: うた, うた.う
song, sing

ON: バイKUN: うた, うた.う
songs with samisen

ON: KUN: うた
poem, poetry

Example sentences
この歌を聞くと私はいつも、学生時代を思い出す。Parts: 此の (この), (うた), 聞く (きく), (わたし), 何時も (いつも), 学生時代 (がくせいじだい), 思い出す (おもいだす)Whenever I hear this song, I am reminded of my school days.
Wenn ich dieses Lied höre, denke ich an meine Schulzeit zurück.

この詩は誰が書いたのですか。Parts: 此の (この), (し), (だれ), 書く (かく), のだ (んです)Who wrote this poem?
By whom was this poem written?
Who was this poem written by?

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