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NA-adjective/adjectival noun (keiyodoshi)
Adverbial noun (fukushitekimeishi)
Noun (futsuumeishi)
See also: 一生懸命
very hard, with utmost effort, with all one's might, desperately, frantically, for dear life, all-out effort, sticking at living in and defending one place

sticking at living in one placevoller Einsatz, alle Kraft
ON: イチ, イツKUN: ひと-, ひと.つ
one, one radical (no.1)

ON: ショKUN: ところ, -ところ, どころ, とこ

ON: ケン, ケKUN: か.ける, か.かる
suspend, hang, 10%, install, depend, consult

ON: メイ, ミョウKUN: いのち
fate, command, decree, destiny, life, appoint

Example sentences
一所懸命になって彼はその木に登った。Parts: 一所懸命 (いっしょけんめい), になる, (かれ), 其の (その), (き), 登る (のぼる)With great effort he climbed up the tree.

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