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Irregular kana usage
See also: だろう
Polite (teineigo) language
seems, I think, I guess, I wonder, I hope

don't you agree?, I thought you'd say that!vielleicht, wahrscheinlich, wohl, vermutlich, ich vermute
Example sentences
「確かにそこまで美人だと逆に引いちゃいますね」「でしょう」Parts: 確かに (たしかに), 其処 (そこ), (まで), 美人 (びじん), 逆に (ぎゃくに), 引く (ひく), じゃう, でしょう (でしょ)"Certainly if someone is _that_ beautiful you'd draw back from approaching her." "Thought you'd agree."

これは本物のダイヤでしょう。Parts: 此れ (これ), 本物 (ほんもの), ダイヤ (ダイア), でしょう (でしょ)This is a real diamond, isn't it?
This is probably a real diamond.

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