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Out-dated or obsolete kana usage
Noun (futsuumeishi)
See also: 何れ, 1
See also: 此れ, 1
See also: 其れ, 1
Usually written using kana alone
that (indicating something distant from both speaker and listener (in space, time or psychologically), or something understood without naming it directly)çà, celui-là

that person (used to refer to one's equals or inferiors)organes génitaux
over theremenstruation, règles

Meaning restricted to あれ
down there (i.e. one's genitals)

Meaning restricted to あれ
period, menses

Interjection (kandoushi)
Usually written using kana alone
hey (expression of surprise, suspicion, etc.), huh?, eh?

Noun (futsuumeishi)
Usually written using kana alone
that (something mentioned before which is distant psychologically or in terms of time)то (предмет удалённый от всех участников беседы)das dort, jenes, männliche Geschlechtsorgane, die Periode einer Frau

ON: KUN: かれ, かの, か.の
he, that, the

Example sentences
彼のスイングは実に見事だ。Parts: (かれ), スイング (スウィング), 実に (まことに), 見事 (みごと)He has a perfect swing.

アレが痛いんですよ、アレが。んー、何て言うの?コーガン?とにかく、男性の大事なものです。Parts: (あれ), 痛い (いたい), のだ (んです), (あれ), 何て (なんて), 言う (いう), 睾丸 (こうがん), 兎に角 (とにかく), 男性 (だんせい), 大事 (だいじ), (もの)Down there hurts, down there. Er, what do you call them? Testicles? In any case a male's 'important parts'.

「あれ?恵子は?」「今日は三者面談だから遅れるって」Parts: (あれ), 今日 (きょう), 三者面談 (さんしゃめんだん), から, 遅れる (おくれる), って (て)"Eh? Where's Keiko?" "Said she's got a parent and child meeting so she'll be late."
"Oh? Where's Keiko?" "She said that she has a teacher, parent and child meeting so she'll be late."

毎朝朝食をとっている間、彼の犬は彼をじっと見つめていた。Parts: 毎朝 (まいあさ), 朝食 (ちょうしょく), 摂る (とる), (あいだ), (かれ), (いぬ), (かれ), 凝乎と (じっと), 見つめる (みつめる)His dog stared at him every morning while he had his breakfast.
Son chien le regardait chaque matin tandis qu'il prenait son petit-déjeuner.

私の前の彼はポルトガル育ちでした。Parts: (わたし), (まえ), (かれ), 葡萄牙 (ポルトガル), 育ち (そだち)My ex-boyfriend was brought up in Portugal.

あれなら絶対大丈夫!Parts: (あれ), なら (ならば), 絶対 (ぜったい), 大丈夫 (だいじょうぶ)Yeah, she must be the sure thing!

あれがこの町の大通りだ。Parts: (あれ), 此の (この), (まち), 大通り (おおどおり)That is the main street of this city.

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