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1. kilo-, 1000
See キログラム, Abbreviation
2. kilogram, kilogramme
See キロメートル
3. kilometre, kilometer
Computer terminology
4. kilo-, 1024, 2^10
1000円, 千円, せんえん
1000 yen
, れん
ateji for "ream"; also written as 嗹
1. two reams (of paper), 1000 sheets (of paper)
also written as 聯
2. stanza, verse
Biology term
3. tribe (in taxonomy)
See 連勝式, Abbreviation
4. forecast (bet), bet which predicts the top 2 finishers (i.e. quinella or perfecta bet)
Noun, used as a suffix
5. party, company, group, set
千里, せんり
Adverbial noun, Temporal noun (jisoumeishi)
1000 ri, (a) long distance
千鈞, 千金, せんきん
1000 pounds, 1000 kan, 1000 yen, 1000 pieces of gold, great weight, pricelessness
万尋, 万仞, ばんじん
10000 fathoms, great depth, great height
千両箱, せんりょうばこ
box of 1000 ryō
千分, せんぶん
May take 'no'
division by 1000, one-thousandth
せんまい, 千枚, センマイ
Only せんまい
1. 1000 sheets (of paper), many pages
Food term, Usually in kana
2. book tripe, bible tripe, leaf tripe, beef omasum, cow omasum, cow psalterium
リッターカー, リッター・カー
car with 1000cc engine
千人針, せんにんばり
1000-stitch belt (soldier's charm)
連量, れんりょう
weight of 1000 sheets of paper, ream weight
キロ連量, キロれんりょう
weight of 1000 sheets of paper, ream weight
万が一, まんがいち, まんがいつ
Expression, Adverb
if by any chance, just in case, in the worst case, in the unlikely event that, 10000 to 1
千羽鶴, せんばづる
(string of) many (traditionally 1000) paper cranes
鶴は千年亀は万年, つるはせんねんかめはまんねん
Expression, Proverb
enjoying a long life is a matter for congratulation, cranes live for 1000 years, turtles live for 10,000 years
きりん, 麒麟, 騏驎, キリン
Usually in kana
1. giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis)
2. qilin (Chinese unicorn)
Only 麒麟
3. Kirin (brand of beer)
Only 騏驎, Archaism
4. horse that can ride 1000 ri in a day
千両, せんりょう, センリョウ
1. Sarcandra glabra (species of flowering shrub in the family Chloranthaceae)
2. 1000 ryō (an old Japanese coin)
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