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, だ
Prefix, See 駄文・1
1. poor, low-grade, trivial, insignificant, worthless
Noun, used as a suffix, Counter, See 一駄
2. load, pack, horse load
3. packhorse
, だめ, ダメ
NA-adjective, Usually in kana
1. no good, not serving its purpose, useless, broken
2. hopeless, wasted, in vain, purposeless
3. cannot, must not, not allowed
4. neutral point (in go), intersection owned by neither player at the end of a game
菓子屋, だがしや
small-time candy store
遣い, 無使い, 無づかい, むだ遣い, むだ使い, 徒遣い, むだづかい
Takes suru
waste (of money, time, etc.), squandering, frittering away
, げた
1. geta, Japanese wooden clogs
See 伏せ字・ふせじ・2, later printed as 〓, resembling the teeth of a geta
2. turn (in set-type proofing), upside-down character
菓子, だがし
cheap sweets
, いちだ
horse load
, にだ
pack, horseload
, あしだ
high clogs, rain clogs
, だけん
mongrel, cur, mutt
, だもの
trash, low-grade stuff
, だつ, ダツ
Usually in kana
Pacific needlefish (Strongylura anastomella)
, だじゅう
pack animal
, だに
horse's load
, だぶん
1. poor piece of writing
2. my poor writing
, げたや
See 下駄・1
clog shop, geta shop
, げたばん
toe guards on clogs, footwear doorman
弁る, だべる, ダベる
Godan verb, Intransitive, Usually in kana
to jabber, to chatter, to chat with
法螺, だぼら
big talk, tall tale
, むだ骨, むだぼね
useless, waste of time and effort, pointless, vain efforts
, 徒花, むだ花, むだばな
See 徒花・あだばな・1
blossom which fails to produce fruit, non-fruit-bearing flower
, ムダ飯, むだ飯, 徒飯, むだめし, ムダめし, ムダメシ
living idly
庭下, にわげた
garden clogs
目元, 目もと, ダメ元, だめもと, ダメもと
See 駄目で元々, Colloquialism, Abbreviation, Usually in kana
giving something a try because it will not do any harm
高足, たかあしだ
See 足駄
geta with high supports, tall clogs
山下, やまげた
rough geta (e.g. made of Japanese cedar)
柳下, やなぎげた
low geta made of willow
馬下, うまげた
See 駒下駄・こまげた
low geta (once used when cleaning the garden)
, 徒言, むだごと
See 無駄口・むだぐち
chatter, idle talk
中下, ちゅうげた
Obscure term
medium height geta
, 御, おだちん
See 駄賃・1
little something, reward, tip
, 徒金, むだがね
wasted money
, ださく
poor piece of work, rubbish, trash
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